Sewage Backup & Cleanup

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Sewage effluent may find its way into your home. For instance, your toilet may overflow, spewing waste and fecal matter onto the bathroom floor. The drain on the bathroom floor as well as the bathtub drain may also spew out waste water from the sewer system. Depending on the design of the building, effluent may cause flooding on the ground floor and basement. In such cases, you will need sewer repair, sewer cleanup, sanitizing and restoration services.

Causes of Sewer Backup

Clogging in the main sewer line or secondary lines are to blame for sewer backup. This can occur when non-biodegradable waste, such as condoms, female sanitary products, diapers, bones and cooking oil, are flushed down the drain or toilet. When the roots of trees growing near sewer lines find their way into the sewer pipes, they can grow quickly and clog the sewer system. In such cases, the clogged section may need to be replaced or cleared using special tools.

Sewer Cleanup Process

It is important to note that waste water from sewer lines contains both chemical and biological agents, which can cause diseases, such as giardia, tetanus and hepatitis A. Therefore, the first thing you should to do when your office or home is flooded is vacate your home and call a sewer damage & cleanup company offering emergency cleanup services. They will start by extracting any free-standing effluent from the floors followed by thorough cleaning. Any household appliance, furniture, carpet or curtains that may have come in contact with the waste water is also thoroughly cleaned. Special cleaning agents may be used to prevent microbial development. After cleaning, water damage restoration is done. This entails drying the floor and walls of the room followed by humidity control. Once this is done, every surface in the affected room is wiped with a disinfectant and environmentally-friendly air fresheners used to get rid of any foul odor in the room.

When your sewer system is damaged or clogged and waste water starts spewing out of your drains and toilet, it is recommended you act quickly. Prompt action will help to mitigate the damage and reduce the cleanup cost. If you have a property insurance policy with a provision for sewer damage or water damage, the sewerage damage & cleanup company will take care of the claims process through direct insurance billing. You only need to worry about prompt response and qualifications of the service provider. Be sure to get tips from these experts after the service on how to properly use and maintain your sewer system to avoid similar problems from occurring in the future.

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